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East Village Dance Project La MaMa Moves! 2012

Young dancers
East Village Dance Project Pointe Class | photo by Bob London

MAY 20, 2012
by R. MacKenzie

My cousins and I used to call it “getting washing-machined”. That’s when you misjudged how the wave was going to break and either didn’t catch it nor dive through in time, and so ended up getting smashed down into the hard sand, salt water going up your nose, sand in your bathing suit and at the mercy of the water’s ferocious strength. That was just one of those recognizable moments in Martha Tornay’s concert of her students of The East Village Dance Project. That dance, Soaked to the Talking Heads Same As It Ever Was, was set on 9 children, one in a concert of 10 dances ranging from classical pointe work to authentic jazz in the East Village Dance Project’s annual concert presented by the LaMama Moves! Dance Festival and GOH Productions on East 4th St on May 20th, 2012.

She had those kids looking like waves rolling in and out, side to side, then suddenly they were a fountain, then a river, then somehow the little boy gets to dive in and surf right there in front of our eyes. Costumes included swimming goggles, bathing suits, and wonderful hoop tutus made of aquarium print shower curtains. This piece is really fun: The first time I saw it I laughed, the second I cried, the third, I laughed and cried.

This delicious program included a huge range of dancers in age (4-18), dance styles and skill levels, but the key to its sheer quality is the sure direction of Ms. Tornay. The dancers showed some excellent technique and they have obviously been encouraged to make individual choices and contributions. Then they have been set up within a structure that leaves them the freedom to shine at all levels. Martha provides rocking and elegant musical choices, bright and fitting costumes, but most importantly, the kids have been given permission to have a lot of fun. The teen company developed a piece over 8 months with completely original choreography, exploring in directions and making choices entirely their own, producing Alienation Affect which was accompanied by electric guitar played by a young man named Jack Lazar.

Trained with Mme. Gabriela Darvash, amongst others, Ms Tornay has taught and danced at Bates Festival for many years, but her crowning jewel is the amazing group of dancers she teaches year round in their lovely new home at #55 Ave C Studios. Her choreographies are surprising, human and entertaining, appropriate to the children’s skill levels and so charming! Lucas Rollings-Page, Victoria Roberts-Weirzbowski and Kiva Dawson, as well as the Teen Company, all made dances, every one a little gem. Lucas’ musical choice was a lovely ballad by Bobby Womack with the refrain of “If you don’t want my love, If you don’t need my love,…Give it back to me.” The girls in his dance were delicate, gentle creatures who I imagined barely discovering the tragedies and thrills of love. The girls in Ms. Dawson’s dance were skilled, sassy and frisky in the humorous jazz number Hot Honey Rag. Don Q-ish, music by Leon Minkus, was the first mini ballet on the program, a redux featuring Safouane Chestnut, our surfer from Soaked, as the prince and a sweet girl, earnest and committed, Gianna Bernard as his partner.  The costumes and choreography were excellent, the dancers joyous, (India Rogers has a radiant smile in both Don Q-ish and Bal-led) the variations charming, especially when it’s the gang of really little ballerinas with giant velvet flowers to offer, dance with, jump over…

The second ballet Bal-led, to all tunes by Led Zeppelin, was a great original idea. After seeing it I wonder why Martha isn’t already world famous and doing this season at the Joyce. The piece glides through several of your favorite classic Led Zeppelin songs with group variations, marvelous duets with Afinatou Thiam and Chloe London partnering Bailey Edwards and Lucas Rollings-Page (who each take rocking percussive solos), the incorporation of a love-seat, quartets and, towards the end, a magnificent solo by Talia Vilaplana that takes one’s breath away. Students in EVDP, from tiny to graduates, are variously stunning, graceful, elegant, self-possessed and even at times funky, but I’ve never seen a dancer who lives the dance in such a way that it is like a part of her skin like Talia does. This girl is destined to always be a stunning dancer, her technique, musicality and emotional commitment all add up to be so very magnetic.

Many dancers in Martha’s group are really skilled, but Martha’s genius lies in the way that she can put together a choreography for children who are NOT YET accomplished dancers and make them look good, make the dance dynamic, exciting and constructed in such a way that kids will be happy to perform with lots of gusto and confidence. I can say from experience that this always a challenge. Ms Tornay has shown year after year that she is up to it and so much more. BRAVO!

Polli Talu Workshops, Retreats, Events 2012

2012 EVENTS listed below.  For updated events, please visit POLLITALU

Dance Workshop for Women
Cornelia Freise (Germany) May 22-24

Kundalini Yoga Intensive
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA) June 13-14

Dancing Beauty and Majesty
Cornelia Freise (Germany) June 26 – July 2

An Evening of Dance for Women July 1
Cornelia Freise (Germany)

International Kundalini Yoga Retreat July 8 – 14
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Delicious Nutrition Wellness Retreat July 30 – August 5
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)
KUNDALINI YOGA Intensive August 15 – 16
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Green Aesthetics Workshop August 21 -23
Awaken your Perception for Natural Beauty
through Tai Chi
Leon Miller (USA/Estonia)

Whole Foods Cooking Intensive Sept. 26 – 27
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Kundalini Yoga Intensive with sauna Oct 2 – 4


GOH is working with the Japan Foundation in New York to bring this amazing event:

Great East Japan Earthquake Commemoration Free Concert
Overcoming the Disaster concert | Jazz at Lincoln Center | Photo by Jonathan Slaff
Overcoming the Disaster concert | Jazz at Lincoln Center | Photo by Jonathan Slaff
March 6, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Rose Theater, Frederick P. Rose Hall,
home of Jazz at Lincoln Center on Broadway at 60th Street
visit the website at this link:

Art in Odd Places: 2011 RITUAL

Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL features a wide variety of actions, participatory performances, theatrical presentations, public installations, and small and large-scale interventions all of which revolve around the concept of ritual. Happening from October 1 to 10, along 14th Street in NYC. Come and visit the sites and see performances and art installations!

AiOP 2011 RITUAL artist Sherry Aliberti Cocoon | Photo by Daniel Talonia

Giselle at La MaMa Moves!

East Village Dance Project performs Giselle as part of La MaMa Moves! Festival, 2011.
Performances are on Sunday, June 19 at 2pm and 4pm. Tickets and more information is available at or call 212-475-7710.

We have performers, aged 3 1/2 to adult performing traditional scenes from Giselle as well as some with a modern twist. Take a look at the pictures of some of them below! (all photos by M. Tornay)

Microsoft Word - giselle_posterbw

East Village Dance Project is a project of GOH Productions and supported by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Hyde Watson Foundation, Charlotte Ruby Cantor Fund, and private donations. Contact: