GOH Productions is a nonprofit arts services organization that has been creating, producing and managing performing arts projects for over 30 years. Based in New York City, our dance, theater, puppetry and youth programs reach across the City and over borders and continents. Our projects form lasting bonds….while challenging audiences to re-define performance.

Bonnie Sue Stein, GOH’s executive director and producer, considers herself an “unofficial cultural ambassador”.  She has taken projects from Uzbekistan to Japan to Jordan and in between, while continuing to have a presence in New York City with annual presentations and activities in venues uptown and downtown.

Browse through our pages—visit the websites of our artists—see a performance, take a workshop. Feel free to call or write to start a dialogue. We would love to hear from you.

“Bonnie Stein is an experienced and resourceful producer and presenter. She has consistently provided innovative, imaginative art works on time and on budget.”  –Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer, Brooklyn Academy of Music

slideshow photos by Fred Askew, Marika Blossfeldt, Suzanne Trouve Feffkk, Jacob Krejci, Bryce Krynski, Olek, Ellen Rolfes, Jonathan Slaff