Artists and Projects

GOH provides a number of artistic and administrative services to these projects and organizations.

Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre (CAMT) | Artistic Director Vit Horejs and his company bring century-old marionettes to life with classical artistry, contemporary humor, and intelligence. more info

iconHardKnocksThe School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) | Yoshiko Chuma leads this NYC-based company to push the boundaries of dance and media performance.  more info

EVdp_iconEast Village Dance Project (EVDP) | A pre-professional dance program for children ages 4 to 15, founded by choreographer and teacher Martha Tornay.  more info

Polli Talu Arts Residency Center | Marika Blossfeldt directs this center in rural Estonia which hosts residencies and retreats for professionals and practitioners of dance, music, the visual arts, and yoga.  more info

Absolute Ensemble | Conductor Kristjan Jarvi and the group fuse classical roots with musics of all genres, from jazz and rock to world music and hip-hop.  more info

Art in Odd Places | An annual visual and performance event in unexpected public spaces under the direction of Ed Woodham. It reminds us that public spaces function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the unfettered exchange of ideas.  more info

Carrie Beehan | is a singer-songwriter/sound designer and paint/video performance artist aka Trystette Music.  more info

Headshot2017Sarazina Joy Stein | is a dancer, choreographer, and freelance theatre electrician and founded Soft Stones Dance and nAdA in 2017 with collaborators.  more info