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or, The Most Unnatural Murder and Dastardly Assassination of John F. Kennedy by that Bloodthirsty Villain Lee Harvey Oswald (or someone else–pick your favorite conspiracy theory), as represented by fine hand-carved Marionettes and life-like Mannequins of Choicest Linden Wood.


WHERE AND WHEN: November 2-19, 2017

La MaMa E.T.C. (First Floor Theatre), 74 East Fourth Street (betw. Bowery and 2nd Ave.)

Presented by La MaMa in association with GOH Productions, and as a co-production of Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, a resident company at La MaMa, andTheatre Kapow of New Hampshire.

Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM

The performance is designed by Michelle Beshaw with “cranky” animation art by David Michael Friend, and features Deborah Beshaw, Michelle Beshaw, Vít Hořejš, Sarah Lafferty, Valois Mickens, Jon L Peacock, Jeffrey Roth and Ben Watts

Box office (646) 430-5374,


Running time: 99 minutes. 

DanceFEST LES 2017


Saturday, June 3, 2017, 4pm to 8pm and Sunday, June 4, 4pm to 8pm

Join the El Jardin del Paraiso and Avenue C Studio Group as we  launch a new annual dance festival featuring Lower East Side groups, East Village dance youth, professional companies, duos, and soloists.

Performers include: BM Movement, East Village Dance Project, Rod Rodgers Dance Youth Company,Sarazina Stein, Amanda Klajbor, Anna Wotring of nAdA. Yoshiko Chuma, Lauren Kravitz & Shantel Prado, Katharine Pettit Creative, Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, Lynn Needle/Art of Motion Dance Theatre, Billy Blanken / Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre, Christopher Nunez, and more….

The two-day festival will host dance workshops and performances from 4:00 p.m. – 8 p.m

photo: BAIT by Lauren Kravitz and Shantel Prado

Mitsuo Tamura (Nov. 20, 1947-Nov. 21, 2014)

tamura1993-by-the-ocean-225x300MITSUO TAMURA

Producer, Director, Artist

Director of Station LTD, Tokyo.

I am going to Tokyo to bid farewell at a gathering on March 27, in honor of Mitsuo Tamura, a longtime collaborator and friend of GOH Productions.

Mitsuo died on November 21, 2014, a day after his 67th birthday. Farewell Mistuo! We recall more than 20 years of working together.  Forever in our hearts.

Gathering information (Japanese only)

photo of Mitsuo 1992, by the ocean in NY.

Vit Horejs of CAMT meets Slovak President Kiska

Slovak president Kiska in NYC
Vit Horejs with Slovak President Kiska at a reception

Director Vit Horejs met with President of Slovakia, Mr Kiska, at a recent reception in NYC at the Slovak residence.  The President was very impressed by Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre’s vast activities, and they spoke for a while about NY and culture and their mutual immigrant stories.  It turns out that Mr. Kiska worked as a construction assistant in NYC in the 1980s for the whopping sum of $4 per hour!

What a journey from painting apartments in Astoria to the Presidency!  Vit topped him, earning $6 an hour during his first days in NY.

Slovak president Kiska in NYC

Annoucing Don Juan, or, The Wages of Debauchery!

Image of Cast of Don Juan or The Wages of Debauchery by Czech Marionette Theatre

April 10 to May 4, 2014

A traditional Czech Marionette play with some not-so-traditional touches; adapted and directed from an anonymous play of itinerant puppeteers by Vit Horejs.

In this production, Downtown meets the Folk Tradition. High and low, live performers and puppets of disparate sizes are blended to a startling comical and sometime touching effect. The puppets include antiques, puppets designed and constructed by master carver Jakub Krejci, toy puppets by Prague-based Milos Kasal, and a giant surprise by Alan Barnes Netherton. The actor/puppeteers are Deborah Beshaw, Otis Cotton, Tess Wonson, Vít Horejs and Theresa Linnihan. Costumes are by Theresa Linnihan and Egypt Dixon. Set design is by Theresa Linnihan and Alan Barnes Netherton. Music, performed by John Bowen, is composed expressly by Court Kappelmeister Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.