“GOH Productions is a global and local generator of compelling artistic works.”—Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer, BAM

Our mission is embodied in our logo, GOH, the Japanese character meaning “working together under one roof.” That definition informs all the work we do — collaborative and expansive, stretching the sky to its fullest capacity.

We began in 1979, during a time of fiscal cutbacks and political turmoil. We continue to face, head-on, the challenges of nurturing artworks and artistic collaboration, testing the boundaries and borders of all categories.

Our primary goal is working with experimental and interdisciplinary artists to clarify their artistic vision and to make possible the production of new works in a variety of genres and in a variety of global landscapes.

In the mid-1970s we were founded as 7 Loaves, Inc. a non-profit arts producing and presenting organization in the Lower East Side/East Village of New York City. In 1988 the organization’s name was changed to GOH Productions (GOH), and Bonnie Sue Stein became its Artistic and Executive Director, a position she still holds. Stein works with directly with a number of performing artists on the creation and development of collaborative projects in the U.S. and with international partners.